Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Parade

Tonight we took Lucas downtown to see the Christmas parade...what a lousy parade! We had fun though. Matt summed it up by saying there were 4 marching bands and 20 politicians. Lucas liked the lights and music and there were a lot of dogs...we had a great time as a family, and we got to share the fun with our friends Chad and Lauren.


Three's Company said...

I'm glad you had fun even though it was a lousy parade! :) I haven't been to a parade since I was in one like twenty years ago when I took dancing lessons. We were dressed up like candy canes! :)

Shelby said...

we were downtown watching the parade too! although, we had the "lap of luxery" because we got to watch it with a bird's eye view---from Jason's office window! we thought it was a decent parade, although again, we were inside where it was warm and didn't have to fight the crowds! (yeah, what was up with all the "city officials" --who cares??) and i was disappointed that all the dance troops didn't dance more. and what was up with those 2 high school aged guys dressed in camo walking up and down the street? ha! it was an experience though!

thetalbotts said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Thanks for coming by our blog. You're officially listed as our friends now. So is Sadie still the name? I love it! March (or maybe February if she's ready)
will be here in no time.